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Dump and Chase - A Fundamental Offensive Ice Hockey Strategy

Terry Chucas

A longtime San Diego attorney, Terry Chucas provides families and other clients with experienced representation in dependency court appeal cases. A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Terry Chucas has a longstanding passion for ice hockey and played competitively for more than three decades.

Winning hockey requires a combination of flexibility and sustained attack, with the “dump and chase” a key tactical formation. At a foundational level, this involves one player advancing past center ice to a point where he can shoot the puck deep into the opponent’s end. The forwards, meanwhile, race to clear the defenders so that possession can be regained far closer to the goal.
This strategy is suitable in multiple situations, including one in which the forward is quick with skates but not the most agile puck handler. In most cases, the forward can safely chip the puck past the defenseman and have a step on the defense when going for the puck.
There is a risk-reward element to this strategy, as it will occasionally result in a loss of possession. In cases where the defenseman deflects the dumped puck, it can even give a fast break opportunity to the other team.

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