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How Hockey Players Can Improve Their Ice Skating Speed

Terry Chucas

San Diego attorney Terry Chucas represents children and parents in dependency court appeals. Outside of his work, Terry Chucas is an avid sports fan and has played hockey since the age of 7.

Most hockey players want to increase their speed. To move faster, they must work on improving their strength and power.

Strength is often overlooked by hockey players who want to increase their speed. Many players believe that practicing their balance is a better training process.
While balance is important, practice in keeping their balance actually reduces players' speed, training them to slow down in an effort to stay upright. On the ice, stronger players move faster because they have better-developed muscles.
Power refers to the time it takes a player to complete a certain action. In hockey, players can increase their power by jumping since this motion trains the leg muscles to work harder and faster.
To increase their speed, hockey players can also change certain skating movements. By bending at the ankles instead of the knees, players enjoy a longer stride with minimal effort. Additionally, swinging the arms from side to side as they skate offsets the side-to-side motion of the lower body and improves overall balance and speed.

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